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Spray Tan

3 x Spray Tan series : 8 hour 


3 x Spray Tan series : Multibase 



Full Body - 8 hour Tan 


Full Body - Multibase 


Arms + Legs


Exfoliation + Tan



Tuscan Tan Original™

Tuscan Tan spray on tan solution mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy as it contains a Violet-Tone Complex™, Exclusive to Tuscan Tan. For more information click here. 


NEW:  Multibase Tan. Compliments all skin tones, meaning, it adapts to your skin tone. leaving you with the perfect bronzed complexion.

Rinse times start from as little as one hour, three hours if you want a super dark tan. Our Therapists will guide you on what's best for your complexion