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Facial Treatments



Maintenance Facial Treatments

Prior to treatments, please read 'What you need to know'. - Contraindications


Skin Starter


Perfectly tailored to those on the go, a refreshing facial offering a deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask.




Customised Facial Treatments  

Often, 'one size' doesn't fit all.


Facial treatments are individually customised on day of treatment and according to your skin needs.

Your therapist will discuss and advise the best treatment and products to be used at your appointment. 




A hydrating treatment designed to increase the skin’s ability to create water reserves and protect

skin cells against processes that lead to dehydration, keeping skin fresh.




Working to turn back signs of time, this treatment protects the lipid content and firmness of the skin,

ensuring constant nourishment and protection.




The Purifying professional treatment has been specifically developed for impure skin which has a

tendency to develop acne – dry or oily.




With its softening and restoring properties this treatment provides comfort and freshness to the skin,

increasing its resistance and tolerance against external aggressions.


High Performance


Signature Facials

Emergin C               

Emergin C Plus      



A luxurious antioxidant treatment capturing free radicals.

Treatment: Fruitality Peel, Vitamin A + C mask followed by the Hyper Vitalizer mask.


Emergin C Plus 

Treatment: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Fruitality Peel, Vitamin A + C mask, LED followed with Hyper Vitalizer mask.


Leaves your skin protected, reinforced & luminous while infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants.

Emergin C products are ideal for anyone who loves a more Organic + Natural skin regime. 


Bianco Signature  


This deluxe anti-ageing treatment provides clinically proven lifting and filling effects to visibly redefine

facial contours, improve skin firmness and leave skin healthy and radiant. Advanced serums and Peptide

masks are used to give maximum results.



Popular Effective Treatments

Skin Revival 



Skin Revival Plus



This treatment is highly effective and will have your skin glowing and refreshed instantly.

Treatment :  Fruit enzyme peel, lactic peel and ends with LED Therapy. 

Plus Treatment : Fruit enzyme peel, lactic peel, LED Therapy + Peptide mask. 


Bianco Skin Booster


Intense facial which delivers a boost of oxygen directly into the skin.

Treatment : Microdermabrasion, Oxygen therapy followed with LED.  


Benefits: Targets problem skin by killing bacteria which reduces breakouts and sanitizes the skin.  Lightens pigmentation, improves clarity and brightness. Soothes the skin, increases circulation which delivers the nutrients to your skin.  


Seasonal Treatments

Skin treatments by us for you. Speak to your therapist about which skin treatment or series is best suited to your skin.

Seasonally, we have a Luxe treatment which includes a facial + partial body treatment. Ask us about our:
Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring Luxe.


Upgrades are only available in conjunction with an existing treatment.

Be sure to ask about our NEW ''Plus" facials when booking.  


Peptide Gel Mask (Societe)


Oxygen Therapy (Societe)




Micro or Lactic 


Steam, Extractions & High Frequency


Peptide Eye Mask


Hydrating Rubber Mask