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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

NEXT DATE: To be announced once we are closer to reopening due to COVID closures. 


A Little Bit about Bianca - Our Cosmetic Injecting Practioner 


Bianca has over 15 years experience within the cosmetic surgery industry. She has worked alongside top cosmetic surgeons, is highly trained in providing treatments including lip and facial enhancement, wrinkle reduction and muscle relaxing treatments. Bianca continues to keep herself updated with the latest products, treatments and techniques by attending regular workshops and conferences nationally.


Initial consultations are complimentary and also necessary before any appointment.  


Treatment Area

Price Estimate

Anti Wrinkle Injections

$15 per Unit

Frown Line From $225
Forehead From $75
Crows Feet From $150

Masseters (Teeth Grinding)

From $450
Smokers Lines From $75
Nefertiti Lift From $450

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

From $900

Dermal Fillers

Lips From $350
Nasolabial Folds From $550
Cheek Augmentation From $650
Tear Troughs From $350
Skin Boosters From $400

Other Treatments

Lipodissolve $350 - $650 Per Session
Stockings $75